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The Homeschooling Decision Quiz

Instructions: This quiz is designed to help you evaluate whether homeschooling is a suitable option for your family. Answer the following questions honestly, and at the end, you'll receive a score and some personalized recommendations based on your responses.

1. Why are you considering homeschooling?

a) I want more control over my child's education.

b) My child has special learning needs.

c) We prefer a flexible schedule.

d) Other

2. How do you feel about taking on the role of a teacher?

a) I'm excited to be my child's primary educator.

b) I'm willing to learn but have some reservations.

c) I'd prefer to have a tutor or use online resources.

d) I'm not comfortable teaching.

3. What is your preferred teaching style or philosophy?

a) Traditional curriculum and structured lessons.

b) Montessori or child-led learning.

c) A mix of different teaching methods.

d) I'm not sure yet.

4. Do you have a support system for homeschooling?

a) Yes, I have a network of other homeschooling parents.

b) No, but I'm open to finding support groups.

c) No, I prefer to do it independently.

d) I'm not sure.

5. How do you plan to assess your child's progress?

a) Regular testing and assessments.

b) Continuous observation and discussion.

c) A combination of both.

d) I haven't thought about it yet.

6. How organized are you when it comes to planning and scheduling?

a) Very organized, I thrive on structure.

b) Somewhat organized, but I can be flexible.

c) I struggle with organization.

d) I'm not sure.

7. Are you financially prepared for homeschooling expenses?

a) Yes, I have budgeted for curriculum and resources.

b) I'm aware of the costs and will adjust our budget.

c) I'm concerned about the financial aspect.

d) I haven't looked into the costs.

8. What is your long-term plan for your child's education?

a) We plan to homeschool through high school.

b) We're considering a mix of homeschooling and traditional schooling.

c) We'll reassess our approach each year.

d) I'm not sure.

9. How do you feel about the social aspect of homeschooling?

a) We have plans for socialization through extracurricular activities.

b) I'm concerned about the lack of social interaction.

c) Socialization is not a big concern for us.

d) I'm not sure how to address this.

10. Are you ready for the potential challenges of homeschooling?

a) Yes, I'm prepared for the ups and downs.

b) I'm willing to learn and adapt as challenges arise.

c) I'm not sure if I can handle the challenges.

d) I haven't thought much about potential challenges.


  • For every "a" answer, give yourself 3 points.

  • For every "b" answer, give yourself 2 points.

  • For every "c" answer, give yourself 1 point.

  • For every "d" answer, give yourself 0 points.




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