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Revitalize your kids with these fun spring activities!

Spring is here in the Mid-west, and we are excited to be outside. Here are a few ideas to get outside and learn!

Spring is such a vibrant time for homeschooling activities! Here are some ideas:


1. Spring Garden Collage: Collect leaves, flowers, and other natural materials to create a collage of a garden scene.

2. Butterfly Symmetry Art: Fold a piece of paper in half, paint one side with colorful butterfly wings, then press the paper together to create a symmetrical masterpiece.

3. Egg Carton Seed Starters: Use empty egg cartons to start seeds for your own mini garden. Decorate the cartons for added fun!

4. Nature Mandalas: Go on a nature walk to collect flowers, leaves, and stones, then arrange them into beautiful mandalas in an open space.

Field Trips:

1. Botanical Gardens: Visit a local botanical garden to learn about different plant species, pollinators, and ecosystems.

2. Farm Visits: See firsthand how crops are planted and harvested at a nearby farm. Some farms even offer "pick your own" experiences!

3. Nature Reserves: Explore nature reserves or parks to observe wildlife, study different habitats, and learn about conservation efforts.

4. Arboretums: Walk through an arboretum to discover various types of trees and shrubs, and learn about their importance in the environment.

Check out this article from Time4Learning for more field trip ideas!

Hands-on Activities:

1. Planting a Garden: Start a small garden together, teaching kids about planting seeds, watering, and caring for plants as they grow.

2. Birdwatching: Set up bird feeders in your yard or visit a local bird sanctuary to observe different bird species and learn about their behaviors.

3. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items to find outdoors, such as different types of flowers, insects, or animal tracks.

4. DIY Birdhouses: Build birdhouses using simple materials like wood, nails, and paint. Hang them in your yard to provide shelter for birds nesting in the spring.

These activities can be not only educational but also a lot of fun, encouraging kids to engage with the natural world around them while learning new skills.

Check out Oriental Trading's Craft & Hobby section for some other hands-on ideas!

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