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Our Favorite Winter Activities!

After the holidays are over there are a few things that we like to do here in Wisconsin to keep winter fun!

  1. Curling: Our small town as a curling club with activities from kids to adults!

  2. Skiing: Portage, Wisconsin is how to Cascade Mountain that offers Skiing, Snowboarding and even tubing for some winter fun. There are a ton of other skiing mountains around the state as well.

  3. Ice Skating: We love to go ice skating in the winter. There are a few indoor rinks around us and even some outdoor ones as well.

  4. . Snow Tubing / Sledding: We are always up for snow tubing or sledding! We’ve had some unusually warm days early in winter where being outside isn’t so bad. These are the times we plan our outdoor activities.

What are your favorite things to do in winter?

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