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How to use technology in your homeschool day!

Technology is great, and to be frank it’s not going anywhere, so utilize it! There are so many free tools available.

My favorite one is YouTube. Use YouTube to supplement your curriculum: You can find videos on almost any topic on YouTube. You can use them to supplement your curriculum and help your child understand a topic better. There are channels dedicated to coding or cars, etc.!

You can create a playlist! Create a playlist of videos on a specific topic you’re learning about or that your child has interest in. Like learning to play the guitar, or watercolor painting. This will make it easier for you and your child to be able to learn about things that you may not know how to teach.

Virtual field trips: Many museums, zoos, and historical sites have YouTube channels that offer virtual tours. This can be a great way to experience these places without leaving your home. Overall, YouTube can be a valuable tool for homeschooling. With some planning and monitoring, you can use it to supplement your curriculum and enhance your child's learning experience.

Tablets: Kindle Fire HD Kids tablet is one I’d recommend. You can control all the content on the tablet. Tablets can provide access to educational apps & e-books, and other learning materials that can help children learn and develop new skills. Reading Eggs, ABC Mouse, and IXL are all great resources for learning games and activities! eBooks can be rented from the library digitally and downloaded directly to a kindle. It’s a great way to borrow books without going to the library.

Ask your local librarian if they have an app you can use to check out books digitally! Tablets also have the option for downloading content from streaming services to allow your children to watch educational shows on the go! Things like animal or history documentaries are great. (Amazon links earn commission) You can utilize audible for younger or older children to listen to books during quiet time, lunch time or just to allow you a few extra minutes to get other things done. It helps bring the stories to life for them.

Digital School Portfolio: There are several ways to create a digital portfolio for your child during their homeschool years. One example is one note, another one is Trello. Where you can create boards. There are tons of free templets available as well. This is extremely helpful to keep a record of attendance, what books you’ve read, and field trips taken. Check out these videos on how to use them both.

How to create a digital homeschool portfolio: ⁠⁠

How to use Trello for homeschooling: ⁠

AI, Chatbot can be a valuable tool in homeschooling for various subjects and topics. Here are some ways you can use Chatbot in your homeschooling:

1. Meal Planning: You can ask it for a meal plan, and it will provide you with one plus a grocery list!

2. Research helper: As you teach your child, you may encounter topics that you don't know much about. Chatbot can be a great resource to help you quickly look up information and learn alongside your child. Simply ask a question and Chatbot will do its best to provide you with a helpful answer.

3. Language practice: Chatbot can help your child practice their reading and writing skills. Encourage them to ask questions, write prompts, or share their thoughts on a topic with Chatbot. They'll get to practice reading and writing in a conversational context, which can be a great way to build their language skills.

4. Creative writing inspiration: Chatbot can generate writing prompts and ideas for your child to use as inspiration for their own creative writing. Encourage them to explore the different prompts and see where their imagination takes them.

5. Critical thinking exercises: Chatbot can help your child practice critical thinking by engaging in thought-provoking conversations. Encourage your child to ask open-ended questions and challenge Catgut’s responses. This can help them develop their analytical and reasoning skills.

6. Science experiments: Chatbot can provide you with ideas for science experiments and explain scientific concepts.

7. Problem-solving: Chatbot can help you with math problems and logic puzzles by providing step-by-step explanations.

8. Cultural knowledge: Chatbot can provide you with information about different cultures, including their history, traditions, and customs.

9. Book discussion questions: Ask it for age-appropriate discussion questions for any book.

Overall, Chatbot can be a versatile and helpful tool for homeschooling. Just remember to monitor your child's conversations with Chatbot!

I hope these were helpful to you. Definitely go listen to the Podcast episode that goes along with this episode if you haven't already! There are a few extra things that I threw in that I know will be helpful to you!



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