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How to use a Morning basket in your homeschool day.

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A homeschool morning basket is a basket or container filled with a selection of books, resources, and materials that families can use as a part of their morning routine. It is often used as a way to bring the family together in the morning for a shared learning experience for all ages. It’s a great option for families who have children with a variety of ages. It can also help to establish a consistent, relaxed routine and be an enjoyable start to the day.

Typically, a morning basket will contain a variety of educational materials, such as read-aloud books, poetry, artwork, music, and other resources related to subjects such as science, history, and geography. The contents of the basket may vary depending on the interests of the children, as well as the curriculum or unit study your currently working on. For some awesome morning basket examples, Check out the Waldock Way on YouTube.

Morning Basket examples we’ve done include:

Space: We used a sensory bin with black water beads and astronaut figurines. We read space books and learned about the plants in the solar system. We watched educational space shows like The magic school bus international space station. One thing we all enjoyed was reading time from space on Stories from space YouTube channel.

World geography: We got passport and learned about the 7 continents. I created continent boxes with variety of materials and animal figures. We started a Universal Yums box subscription. It was super fun to learn about places and then try snacks from those countries.

Here are some tips for putting together a morning basket:

  1. Consider your family’s interests and learning goals: Think about what your children enjoy learning about and what areas they need to focus on. This will help you choose materials that will engage them and be relevant to their learning.

  2. Choose a variety of materials: Try to include a mix of books, music, art, and other resources. This will keep the basket interesting and engaging for your children.

  3. Keep it age-appropriate: Make sure the materials you choose are appropriate for the age and developmental level of your children. You may want to have different baskets for different age groups.

  4. Consider your schedule: Think about how much time you have in the morning and choose materials that can be completed in the time available.

  5. Rotate the materials: To keep the morning basket fresh and engaging, consider rotating the materials every few weeks or months.

  6. Involve your children: Ask your children for input on what materials they would like to see in the basket. This will help them feel invested in the process and more engaged with the materials.

  7. Be flexible: Remember that the morning basket is a tool to help you start the day off on the right foot, but it’s not set in stone. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to switch things up or try something new.



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