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How to Have a Successful Homeschool Year.

By: Stefany Neef

Having a successful homeschool year depends on several things. We are homeschooling Here in Wisconsin. Here in the Midwest, we always take advantage of when the weather is nice! Fall is approaching quickly, and we are ready for all the things that come with it. Including getting back in a routine of school. If you're needing a little help getting organized this year, here's a to help you get started!

kids playing in fall in Wisconsin

Day 1: Getting Organized for a Successful Homeschool Year

  • Tips for setting up a dedicated homeschooling space.

  • Creating a daily schedule or routine

  • Organizational tools and resources for homeschooling parents

  • How to involve your child in organizing their learning materials

Day 2: Choosing Curriculum and Educational Resources

  • Exploring different homeschooling philosophies (Montessori, classical, unschooling, etc.)

  • Factors to consider when selecting curriculum.

  • Top online resources for homeschooling materials and lesson plans

  • Incorporating local museums, libraries, and community resources into your curriculum

Day 3: Balancing Work and Homeschooling: Tips for Homeschooling Parents

  • Strategies for juggling work and homeschool responsibilities.

  • Time management techniques for efficient homeschooling

  • How to enlist family and friends for support

  • Self-care tips for homeschooling parents

Day 4: Fostering a Love of Learning at Home

  • Creative ways to make learning engaging and fun.

  • Incorporating educational games and activities into lessons

  • Field trip ideas and virtual experiences to spark curiosity.

  • Encouraging independent exploration and research

Day 5: Tailoring Homeschooling to Your Child's Learning Style

  • Identifying your child's learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.)

  • Adapting teaching methods to suit individual learning preferences.

  • Personalizing lessons to cater to your child's strengths and interests.

  • Overcoming challenges and embracing diversity in learning styles

Day 6: Socialization and Building a Homeschooling Community

  • The importance of social interaction for homeschooled children

  • Strategies for finding and participating in homeschooling co-ops or groups.

  • Organizing playdates and social events for homeschoolers

  • Nurturing friendships and connections outside of traditional school settings

Day 7: Assessing Progress and Adjusting Your Homeschooling Approach

  • Different methods of tracking and evaluating your child's progress

  • Recognizing signs that adjustments to your homeschooling approach are needed.

  • How to address learning gaps and challenges effectively

  • Celebrating successes and milestones in your homeschooling journey

Each family's homeschooling journey will look different because we are different and so are the needs of our children. The main goal here is to help create an environment and routine that both fits the needs of your family and your children. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the journey of home learning!

Having fun in Wisconsin



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