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5 easy gifts for tweens!

My 5 top gifts for tweens!

  1. 1. Five below gift card: Have you ever been in a five below? It’s like a kids dream store. You can’t go wrong with a gift card to Five Below.

  2. 2. Snack basket: What kid wouldn’t like a basket made up of their favorite candy, snacks and soda!

  3. 3. Movie night basket: Grab some popcorn, a new hit movie or even a classic, candy and soda for a movie night in a basket!

  4. 4. Yes Day Coupon: A “yes” day is a date out with your tween. You set the rules, but the tween gets to choose the date adventure and you can’t say no! This would be a good gift for any tween that you’d like to get some extra time with.

  5. 5. Movie theater gift card: After all everyone loves the movies!



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